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Acne  Scars , Stretch mark , skin rejuvenation, wound healing , Muscular pain , deep pain, Hair loss , Blotches ,Blemishes, Herpes , Stress , Post laser, Alopecia , Erythema , Allergic rhinitis etc.

We have 3 models

  1. Cromospace: Bed type with 22400 LED’s.
  2. Boxled: Tower type with adjustable arm having 4800 LED’s.
  3. Boxlight:Tower type with adjustable arm having 2400 LED’S.


  • This technology was developed & used first by NASA for Astronauts
  • In space due to lack of gravity cells will not grow as normal
  • But they proved that using LED light it’s possible to stimulate cell growth

How it works

  • Light energy absorbed by mitochondria convert to ATP for cellular use in addition the process creates mild oxidation (ROS) leads to gene transcription then to cellular repair & healing
  • This process unclogs the chain clogged by nitric oxide
  • Nitric oxide release back into the system which help for 50 trillion cells to communicate each other by transmitting signals throughout the body & also helps to increase the size of blood vessels

5 active color lights

  • Considered as cool light with different wave length like Blue: 460 nm, Green: 525 nm, Yellow: 595 nm, Red: 645 nm, near infra-red: 850 nm


  • Mostleds is made in France & the LED’s are manufactured by Osram company in Germany, world toppers in LED manufacturing

Advantage of treatment

  • We can combine this treatment with PRP, Micro needling      ( It will help in collagen production, wound healing & also to reduces the redness)  or any mesotherapy products

Advantage of Mostleds

  • High quality LED’s which are capable for working 50,000 hours ,4 LED’s per centimeter square, Intensity of light is specific Hand-free device(no trained staff required), No consumables required, More than 10 year of experience & research, User friendly interface , adjustable arm etc

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