POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics is the only German manufacturer of soft-tissue silicone implants and has been marketing them successfully for more than 25 years. POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics is one of the market leaders for silicone implants in Europe and its implants are used worldwide in more than 60 countries for reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. All implants are handmade in Dieburg, Germany, according to the highest quality standards. POLYTECH breast implants are characterized by the special non-liquid silicone gel and a multilayered, dense shell. The special consistency of the silicone gel makes the artificial breast resemble a natural breast in touch and movement.

The surface of POLYTECH mammary implants is either smooth, textured (Mesmo® sensitive – soft texture, POLYtxt® standard texture) or coated with Microthane®.

Particularly Microthane®-coated implants contribute to a significant reduction in Capsular Contracture rates. Microthane® coated implants are certified medical devices of implantable quality. The Microthane® implant coating has a mean surface roughness of 1500 μm. Due to the ingrowth of capsular tissue into the Microthane® surface numerous small capsules are created. These microcapsules significantly reduce the risk for capsular contracture. An extensive long-term study shows that after 8 years the capsular contracture rate with Microthane® implants compared to textured implants is 15 % lower; it is even 30% lower compared to smooth implants.

Implant selection is based on four different styles, which have been named:

  • Même® – round base, regular profile
  • Replicon® – round base, anatomical profile
  • Opticon® – short base, anatomical profile
  • Optimam® – oblong base, anatomical profile

All our implants are available with identical base diameters, the choice of any of the four different breast implant shapes can be matched with any four given projections (4 styles x 4 projections x 18 sizes = 288 different breast implant shapes).

Proof of our pride is Implants of Excellence, an extended warranty program for POLYTECH breast implants.

  • A lifetime exchange-implant warranty in case of implant shell rupture (after surgery inside the body).
  • A 10-year exchange-implant warranty against capsular contracture, dislocation and rotation for POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics Microthane® breast implants

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