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PERFECTHA® is a range of gels made of a 20mg/ml HA concentration. Each gel has the same HA concentration, however the cross-linking within each gel influences the rheological properties enabling a range of gels to be produced.

In particular, what differentiates PERFECTHA® gels is the particle size: the bigger the particles, the greater the volumizing effect, and the longer-lasting the results.

Each PERFECTHA® gel is unique and designed to best meet specific needs: depending on the treated areas, the volume needed and the depth of injection required, a different variant will be used.


Introducing a new range of skincare from PERFECTHA® - designed to complement the results of the Perfectha range of HA treatments.

  • The Skincare range includes:
  • Perfect Skin Brightening Serum
  • Perfect Eye Contour
  • 5HA Anti-Wrinkle intensive Cream
  • Perfect Lips Filler
Perfect Skin Brightening Serum

This light, delicate serum with a silky feel contains keratolytic agents that make skin look brighter and more compact right from the very first applications.
It is ideal to brighten skin immediately, sculpt features and create strategic points for the face to capture light.
With its light, airy structure, it contains an exclusive mixture of multi-reflecting powders with a 3-D effect. The formulation contains hyaluronic acid, AHA and delicate oils to guarantee skin hydration, softness and comfort.
Contains: Aha Complex (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), Glycolic, Chamomile Extract, HA Crono Active System ( 2 types of HA )

Perfect Eye Contour

This innovative formulation acts on expression lines visible in theeye area. The product has an anti-aging and lifting-tensor effect, resulting in the gradual relaxation of micro-wrinkles and an improvement in the tone of eye bags and skin relaxation.
This is due to the perfect combination of a soft, flexible texture, with a formula based on regenerative and dermo-filling ingredients that act locally at depth, revitalizing skin tissues and encouraging the gradual reduction of wrinkles.
Contains: HA Crono Active System, Hamamelis extract, Damask rose extract, Vitamin E

5HA Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Cream

Intensive anti-wrinkle face cream with toning effect. Long-lasting anti-age action. Encourages the hydration, firmness, suppleness and luminosity of skin tissue.
Enriched with an amino peptide complex, it strengthens natural skin hydration, stimulating acquaporine synthesis, improving skin suppleness and protecting against free radicals. Increases collagen synthesis. Improves the skin’s barrier function.
Contain: Hyaluronic Acid in 5 different sizes and forms, Echinacea extract Polysaccharides, Goji extract, Amino Peptide Complex (Diffuporine).

Perfect Lips Filler

This lip-plumping, anti-age treatment is enhanced with a unique patented active ingredient (Maxi-Lip), which stimulates the synthesis of collagen while hydrating lips and quickly making them firmer, softer and better defined. Its formula enriched by Hyaluronic Filling Spheres (worldwide patent) makes wrinkles visibly less pronounced.
This active ingredient consists of a special fibre that captures water, enters into the wrinkles and gradually fills them.
Contains: Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid, MAXI LIP™ (1%). SPF UVA e UVB.

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