idromed5 GS and PS

idromed5 GS and PS
idromed5 GS and PS idromed5 GS and PS
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The effective iontophoresis appliances for the treatment of hyperhidrosis

Direct current (GS) or pulsed direct current (PS) at idromed5

The direct current and pulsed direct current iontophoresis-therapy is an internationally established and scientifically acknowledged treatment procedure, which is known for years.

In scientific studies the therapy with pulsed direct current with the idromed® 5 PS is rated as the optimum therapy method, thanks to its new current type, especially for very sensitive patients, children and young people. The therapy current is almost not percepted. Possible side effects are clearly reduced. The hands can be taken out of the basins during the therapy without the usually known "electric fence effect" (electric shock).
Current instead of pharmaceuticals
The iontophoresis-treatment with idromed® 5 GS or PS is performed using hand- and foot-baths. The affected parts of the body are put in a treatment basin, filled with usual tap water. A weak DC electrical current is conducted through the baths by electrodes. This current is increased gradually to a certain intensity, so that the patient experiences a pleasant tingling sensation. The weak current inhibits the secretion of the sweat glands whithout damaging the glands themselves. In the armpits the current is applicated via wet sponge electrodes.
Optional sponge electrodes for armpits
Art.-No. 995100
With the special sponges it is also possible to treat hyperhidrosis in the armpits. In the armpits the current is applicated via wet sponge electrodes. Economic and comfortable therapy – also at home idromed® 5 GS or PS is not only suitable for the iontophoresis-therapy at the physician's practice. Thanks to its secure and easy handling the idromed® 5 GS or PS is the ideal home therapy appliance. Precondition is an exact introductory training and constant supervision by the patient's physician.
Easy and quick use against sweating In the early stages of treatment, the affected parts of the body should be treated once a day for about 10-15 minutes. Generally 10 – 15 treatment sessions are sufficient to normalize the moisture content of the skin. After that the treatment frequency can usually be reduced to once or twice a week. All-in-one treatment basins and suitcase The idromed® 5 GS or PS is packed in a suitcase, which does not only help to store and to transport the appliance comfortably and safely. The two parts of the suitcase can easily be separated and are used as treatment basins for the iontophoresis therapy. Easy and safe operation using the turning knob by a modern regulation with a text display
  1. Switching on the machine using the turning knob: Self-test and indication of the maximum values
  2. Setting up you individual current value needed and start therapy
  3. Indication of current and remaining time
  4. End of therapy: Taking out hands and/or feet of the treatment basins and the sponge electrodes respectively
  5. Switching off the machine using the turning kno ...