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Lapromed is a range of liposuction and lipofilling cannulas from AK Pharma USA.

Lapromed Cannulas are made with stainless steel with a coating of Zirconium nitrite.

Zirconium nitrite coating makes them strong and free from corrosiveness.

These are classified as

  • Infiltration Cannulas
  • General Suction cannulas
  • Harvesting cannulas.
  • Injection cannulas
  • Speciality Cannulas

Lapromed also has accessories needed for pre and post liposuction such as

  • Luer to Luer transfer adapters
  • Syringe decanting tray
  • Syringe tip cap
  • Aluminium stop lock for negative pressure
  • Universal power injector
  • Syringe lock for negative pressure
  • Nano-transfer kit

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